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My Favourites of the Past 10 Years:

How I Spent My Summer Vacation
2005:   A Few Reflections on Skunk and Junk
2006:   Tomorrow, Buy Nothing
2007:   Adventures in Film-making
2008:   No Ordinary Walk in the Park
2009:   Memoir Man a Born Storyteller
2010:   Tax Time Offers Folks a Chance to Reflect
2011:   Issues for the Next Election
2012:   Prostitution . . . in Brandon?
2013:   Ways to Leave a Legacy


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My Favourite Reviews:

2007:   Ordinary Lives, Extraordinary Stories
2008:   Wiki Is The Way Of The Future
2009:   Prime Minister Barack Obama?
2010:   Book Looks at Islamic World
2011:   Canadian History Boring?  Not if You Know a Little
2012:   Surfing World Wide Web Breeds Shallow Thinking
2013:   Book Blows Lid Off Food Industry


My Life and Work

I am a writer, editor, and consultant exploring the themes of active citizenship, environmental sustainability, and the wonder of everyday life.


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