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Is "Portlandia" the new "Ecotopia"?
What does a current TV show have in common with a novel from the 1970s?  read more.
Reflections on the Diamond Jubilee
The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee invites reflection: not only on the monarch and history, but also . . .  read more.
Tales of Two Brandon Pioneers
Two early Brandon citizens had an especially big impact on the city. One of them is known today by the landmarks he designed. The other is remembered by a park named after him.  read more.
Gay, Good or God?
But I do blame theologians, pastors and church leaders. They . . .  read more.
Celebrating Co-operatives
Co-operatives, along with non-profit organizations, are sometimes described as the "social economy" of . . .  read more.
The Medium is the Message?
What a rush of new media! As technology advances, I often think: What would Marshall McLuhan . . .  read more.
“Memoir Man” a Born Storyteller
Fred McGuinness was the consummate storyteller. And he encouraged others to tell their stories, too.   read more.
No Ordinary Walk in the Park
A recent trip to England and France left my wife and me with many wonderful memories. Plus thoughts about . . .   read more.


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