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Reflections on the Great War

We are at the 100-year anniversary of the First World War: the "Great War."

Brandon War Memorial

The Ongoing Task of Remembrance

Brandon Sun, November 7, 2016: 
To contemplate the impact of war – especially the First Word War – visit the war memorial in a Manitoba town or village. Over the years, Brandon has struggled with remembrance.
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An Education Lesson From 100 Years Ago

Brandon Sun, October 17, 2016: 
One hundred years ago, Brandon was the centre of a flourishing innovative educational program. Then the program was abruptly cancelled by a new provincial government amidst the frenzy of the First World War. Today, the program is all but forgotten. But the “Ruthenian” . . .
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Early Feminists Dreamed of a World Free of Alcohol, Drugs and War

Brandon Sun, January 25, 2016:  While the First World War was raging, Nellie McClung wrote about a world without war in her book In Times Like These. She was fierce in criticizing men, in defending women, and in identifying the cause of war.
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“Tragic Scene” 100 Years Ago as Syndicate Block Fire Kills Four

Brandon Sun, January 18, 201:  One hundred years ago: Brandon’s deadliest fire. The story of the fire was made more dramatic because it was during the Great War. In 1916, the world was at war. And the war was not just overseas, but here at home.
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Two Sides of News 100 Years Ago: War and Shopping

Brandon Sun, December 14, 2015:  But life wasn’t only about joyful shopping. The world was at war. To glimpse that reality, read a newspaper from 100 years ago.
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Brandon's Messenger of Peace: J.S. Woodsworth

Brandon Sun, November 9, 2015:  War and religion usually go well together. One hundred years ago, religions enthusiastically supported the Great War. But there were a few religious dissenters. In Canada one of the most famous was J.S. Woodsworth.
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How Do We Remember War?

Brandon Sun, November 10, 2014:  Remembering war is hard. It can be hard to remember the war dead. The people of Brandon discovered that in the years right after the Great War. How should the war dead be remembered?
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Francis Marion Beynon: Compelling Story of a Manitoba Suffragist, Pacifist

Brandon Sun, April 28, 2014: We are approaching the 100-year anniversary of the First World War. What will we remember? Not usually remembered are those who opposed the war and spoke out against it. But they, too, were part of the story. And one of the most prominent was a woman . . .
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Dark Side of Brandon’s Past

Brandon Sun, July 2, 2012:  Celebrating the glories of the past is easy.  But what about remembering the dark side of our past, including some pages we might like to forget?
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Canadians Must Maintain a Higher Standard in War

Brandon Sun, February 13, 2010:  Let’s look beyond Afghanistan to reflect on Canada’s role. The past can provide a perspective, and let’s go right back to the First World War. Although . . .
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Vimy MemorialPhotographs of War Memorials

From the huge Canadian National Vimy Memorial in France to a cairn in a village in Canada, war memorials remind us of our history on the battlefield.
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Saving Our War Memorials

Brandon Sun, November 7, 2009:  (Part Two of Two.)  Any day, not just Remembrance Day, is a time to notice again the war memorials in our communities. These often-overlooked links to our past invite reflection on citizenship, war, and peace.
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Community Memorials a Link to the Great War

Brandon Sun, October 17, 2009:  (Part One of Two.)  What happens when a great world event slams into the lives of ordinary citizens? One answer can be discovered by visiting our community war memorials.
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