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Reflections on The War on Drugs


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Early Feminists Dreamed of a World Free of Alcohol, Drugs and War

Brandon Sun, January 25, 2016:  Beyond getting rights like voting, the early feminists had two big dreams. The two dreams were a society without alcohol (and drugs), and a world without war. We had the failure of alcohol Prohibition. We now understand that the answer is complicated, and involves legalization, regulation and rehabilitation. We are still learning that lesson today with drugs.
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Things to Keep in Mind on 4/20

Brandon Sun, April 20, 2015:  Happy 4/20, everyone! Now you may be thinking: what the heck is “4/20”? Well, 4/20 means that it is the time for marijuana!
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The War on Drugs

War on Drugs: A Failed Experiment

Brandon Sun, December 8, 2014:  Legalizing marijuana will be a big issue in the next federal election. So, it is great to see the timely new Canadian book, The War on Drugs: A Failed Experiment.

Most Famous Brandonite Born 125 Years Ago

Brandon Sun, February 10, 2014: Remembering Prohibition in the 1920s can put today's War on Drugs in better perspective.
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Byelection Reflections

Brandon Sun, December 2, 2013:  This byelection was perhaps the first time in Canadian history that marijuana and the War on Drugs had such a high profile.
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The Marijuana Byelection?

Brandon Sun, November 18, 2013:  I am delighted to see marijuana legalization as a big issue in this byelection. Of the five candidates, only one supports the current marijuana laws.
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EcotopiaIs "Portlandia" the new "Ecotopia"?

Live Well Do Good.com, February 17, 2013:  Envisioning the end of the War on Drugs in fiction.

Real Discussions on Tax and Crime are Being Avoided

Brandon Sun, September 26, 2011:  We are in the 21st century, aren’t we? Because you would never know it from the current Manitoba election campaign. 
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Issues for the Next Election?

Brandon Sun, May 22, 2011:  What about the issues that were too controversial to be discussed during the recent election? One was about the War on Drugs.
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We Can Forge a New Drug Policy

Brandon Sun, April 4, 2009:  Deaths of our soldiers in Afghanistan remind us of the serious nature of Canada’s mission there. We don’t pay enough attention, however, to the fact our Afghan mission is entangled with the global War on Drugs.   
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Nellie McClungRemembering Nellie McClung

Brandon Sun, March 7, 2009:  The biography Nellie McClung, written by Charlotte Gray, reminds us again of the importance of McClung, who contributed much to establishing Prohibition in Canada in the 1910s and 1920s.   

Drug, Alcohol Policies Reveal Our Hypocrisy

Brandon Sun, January 10, 2009:  Recent news items about restrictions on shopping for liquor in Manitoba reveal yet again our society’s hypocrisy about alcohol and drug use. Plus the failure of our War on Drugs. 
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